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We will custom design for you a banner,
logo, website header or auction template that will be just for you. Your online business is important to you and we would like to help you stand out from the others.

Our creative side will design a banner for you with suitable colors and graphics to make your banner, logo, header or auction template stand out! Please send ready-made graphics or photos, and selected fonts you wish used in your banner, logo, header or template if you have your own images that you prefer to have used.

We make Custom Headers, Logos, Banners, and Buttons. Static and Animated Designs!

We love to design attractive Advertising Ads for your web site, auction site, letterheads, etc. with our Custom Headers, Logos and Banners.
We can make your designs in static or animated.

Graphic Design

Bay’s Beauty Graphic Design

Okay, you are now aware of how important standing out from the crowd can be and having graphics that make your site the one to check out. You can make your site the one to watch. It is not only important to find a site that can sell you graphics; you need to find a site that can help you make your website something special and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There may be many sites that can offer you graphics, but do these sites care about how well you do as a business? Finding a graphic site that will also advise you on the hottest trends and the latest fads can mean the difference between a few bucks and a site that can boast making you hundreds of dollars. You can choose graphics that you may think will bring your website to the forefront, but our service can help you choose graphics that are guaranteed to bring you traffic. You can choose from such graphics as designs that are not only animated but static as well. We will provide you with Logos and Banners that will be not only unique, but affordable as well. You can make a difference in your sales by simply changing your header, logo or banner.

Our staff loves to design advertising ads that will be attractive to your clients. We enjoy our creativity and want you to prosper as a result of our attractive and affordable banners and graphics. Your business, once you become a client, becomes ours, and we are dedicated to finding the best visual presentation your advertising dollars can afford.

Get Your Site Noticed

Using Graphics to Get Your Site Noticed

It seems as if everyone has a webpage these days. You can find sites that are selling goods and services, sites that provide information, and even websites that are promoting a person. Anyone can have a website, but what separates the sites that get traffic and business from those who just sit and wait for a click? Graphics are the difference. When a casual browser comes across an interesting looking website, they will stop to see what is offered.

Standing Out from the Crowd

As we said, anyone can have a website, but the most popular ones are the ones that make a bold statement right off the bat. Your presentation is to get a specific point across and the use of images and graphics can make all the difference. A picture in today’s competitive market is worth more than one thousand words. Photographs and graphics can get your target audience interested, whether you are targeting seniors, students or stay at home moms. You need to make your website stand out from the rest.

Photographs and graphics that are related to what you are offering your customers or clients can let people know they have come to the right place. If you are offering plants and gardening advice, you will want your site decorated with pictures that relate to those subjects.

Create Your Theme

If you sell household appliances, you wouldn’t think to have graphics and pictures of toys for kids. Finding the right place for all your graphic needs can be tough. You will need to create a banner for your site and decide what type of content and graphics you want to present to your potential clients. Creating a theme and having an idea of what you want can make it easier for you to find the perfect graphics for your site to be noticed. It can also make you feel good about yourself and your business when you look upon your site with pride.

Especially in today’s society, we judge much by the way it is presented to us and how things look. It doesn’t matter if you have the most wonderful product on the market that works miracles in a variety of ways. If you can’t interest people in your website, even the best products will go unnoticed.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Type in any search term and you are bound to come up with thousands of results. What makes one page more interesting than the next is often the way it looks. If you have modern trends and snappy graphics and pictures on your site, you will appear to your customers as having your finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not.

Making yourself stand out from the rest of the competition is extremely difficult these days. Having professionally styled graphics can make all the difference in the popularity of your site, and help to make you more money on your goods and services. In order to compete you need to look the part and that means professional graphics on your website.

More Examples Coming Soon!

Need a Custom Banner, Logo, Header, etc. made just for you, click on a Banner to take you to our site.

Banners By Baysbeauty Custom Graphics Just For You

Banners By Baysbeauty Custom Graphics Just For You

Banners By Baysbeauty Custom Graphics Just For You


General Sales Questions

February 27, 2009

Mirrored Name Graphic Designs

You can have your business name in a mirrored effect as shown.

Font shown is Bell Bottom

Please send to me the following information when checking out.

1. Your Business Name to be printed
2. Font Style
3. Font Color

January 13, 2009

The Selling Lounge Surfing Really Smart Deals!

The Selling Lounge

Don't forget this day... TheSellingLoungeSurfContest

Make sure you have your computer clean and ready!

It's not too late to sign up if you are interested in surfing RSD as a group for one fun-filled week. You can surf for any one of your sites that you sell on!

We have so far members surfing for their own websites, BluJay, Bonanzle, OverNightAuctions, and YourHighBid!! How Cool Is That!!

>>>> All Information Found Here <<<<

1. Let me know which site your surfing for
2. Put SellingLounge in your RSD account name
{EXAMPLE: debsgreatfinds@blujay-SellingLounge}
3. Start surfing at 6 P/M eastern time

We will be posting in forum during our surfing here:

If we have 6 or more of us surfing and make the top ten on RSD for one week with SellingLouge in our user names, Debbie will put The Selling Lounge Banner on the top of RSD for one week and each member will get an extra 500 credits.

For each one of you that make it to the top ten that week, Debbie will add one of your banners to the newsletter blog for 2 weeks. The banner size is 125x125.

All surfers that sign up & Surf for the full week will get one (1) Full Month Free of banner rotation in The Selling Lounge and The Selling Lounge Directory!


Surfers Signed Up So Far Are:
Vintage Rose Collectibles

The Selling Lounge

I'm really excited to see all of us get together and do this as a team.

Thank You All So Very Much,

January 6, 2009

November 13, 2008

Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

A first impression is imperative to draw traffic to your product. What better way than to have a Custom Logo designed to grab the viewer’s eye to bring them to you! We can create for you that ideal logo to help reflect your business.

This is for one custom designed logo with your business name and message. Your logo can be any size that you need for your eBay Store, auctions, online eStore, Web Site or where ever you need it.

We custom create logos using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop.

June 9, 2008

March 26, 2008

March 8, 2008